With a successful career in the computer industry, a long term marriage from a holiday romance, happy children and a great level of fitness and vitality, Lori Mitchell got caught up in the Rat Race and lost track of the true formula for wealth. She thought that hard work and knowledge was the cause of her growing accomplishments. When all her strategies stopped working she began a journey. At first she only knew it as pain, frustration, discomfort and confusion, because it seemed that her life and finances were going backwards. The struggle went on for years, and throughout she was searching for a way out of the nightmare. She watched her cash savings disappear, then still in hope that things would get better she borrowed $20,000 more on her mortgage. As that money slowly dwindled away without reprieve, she kept working harder, trying to figure out how to get back the success that once came so easily to her. Finally, it was all gone; no cash, no credit left. Already indebted to family, she was at her lowest.

Then she came across some wisdom that gave her the final key she needed to put it all together. Within one hour she was manifesting fast and that fateful hour began a new life; she began to move toward her dreams and everything began to happen quickly. You can read about the event that changed everything in the Introduction to the book. In a few months it took her from debts of over $200,000 to being mortgage free and living in the place of her dreams.

SPEED Manifesting™ is based on years of research and feedback on starting again, manifesting fast prosperity, creating abundance and understanding more than “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction. It is a tried, tested and proven way to quickly and continually create and manifest the life of your dreams.

What insights do you have from reading this?

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