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Yes You Know What You Want, But…

ImageIt’s one thing to know what you want. It’s another to stop there because of your “but…” conversation. You may not even realise that’s what’s delaying your manifestation. I just recently answered a comment on the 7 Days Video course and here is my response to someone waiting for over a year while visualising his dream lifestyle and clearly knowing what he wants:

Hi Andrew, thanks for the background details, they help me in understanding your question fully. YES! Let go now. To your mind it may feel like giving up or moving on, but you are 100% right that the Universe is being ‘interrupted’ from moving things toward you as you continually keep visualising. It’s a fine line though: It’s a combination of visualising WITH the emotion of what it feels like to live in that life, everyday. I think maybe you haven’t yet fully aligned inside to allowing yourself to receive it. That’s not a critism, though. It takes a couple of quick conversations or ‘communes within’ to ask yourself some questions about what it would feel like to live on a beautiful beach every day of your life and be happy there. “Am I willing to have that life every day?” “What is the flavour (feeling) of my life in that dream?” THEN notice what negatives are still floating around about the possibilities of YOU being in that life. Sometimes we don’t realise that we aren’t ready to receive because there are other relationships, family obligations or opinions, perceived complications still lingering within our ideal life image. Be brave enough to look at what you’ve made it mean to live that life.

I am telling you this because recently when I asked for Ease & Grace, Peace & Prosperity – two things came up – fear of boredom, and needing to work diligently to deserve it before it comes. So I tried on boredom, and saw – for the first time – this constant, nagging restlessness within me. Since restlessness doesn’t equal peace, and fear of boredom kept me from what I wanted, I CHOSE. I chose powerfully, emotionally, and dropped the old chains that had been driving my personality. Then it allowed me to ALIGN within to what I truly wanted: Ease & Grace, Peace & Prosperity. Harmony. I could FEEL the difference as a YES inside.

Then each night I wrote 3 things to appreciate 1.Past 2.Present 3.Future. My Future thanks was in the past tense, and I repeated the same one each night: “Thank you for my ease and grace, peace and prosperity, health and vitality, fun and laughter. It took about 2-3 weeks, during which time my life fell apart, in order to fall together into exactly that.

Hope that helps you allow your wildest dreams into your daily life.

Remember to go beyond imagining with emotion and look at the “but…” voice that may be waiting for encouragement to let go.

Abundant blessings of riches to you, Lori

How Can I Get What I Want?

Getting what we want in life seems to be a secret desire of 45 million people a month. Google confirms this on the popular searches and I can totally understand that people want to know how to get what they desire. Even though we try to appear selfless, our true desire is self-serving. It is only in a world of misdirected teachings that we think this is bad.

If you even try to give others what they want, it is only your perception and interpretation of what they want. Pleasing others and trying to understand them by thinking of them before you, will only cause more misunderstandings and at the end your cup is empty.

how to get what you want speed manifesting

So go for it! Go after what you want in life. Spend your entire life dedicated to getting what you want. Just notice that when others around you are doing the same thing, and they are clear on that, you will come to an interface in the relationship of either matching or mismatching. Know why this occurs. Look at your values and make sure that your desires are from your values, not your addictions, ego and fears. Then stay true to your values, and understand other people have different values. Say goodbye if the mismatch is too great, or surrender to your own values of harmony and community, for as long as it serves you.

When my relationships are challenged by this dilemma, I always have a choice. I can either bully and manipulate others with an attitude of “my way or the highway” or I can go to one of my other values to find cooperation and compromise to get what I want in some way. There is a cause and effect to every action.

how can i get what i want in life speed manifesting

I may not have gotten the exact holiday location I wanted, but the result is my family is happier when I had to stretch further than just getting what I wanted, and expand to include the needs of these other VIPs in my life. It doesn’t mean that I sacrificed my wants and needs; I just explored them with a wider, more inclusive viewpoint after input from others. Then I included the needs of others and re-prioritized some other important personal values of family harmony, respect and contribution.

Never sacrifice your desires to others when they are based on your personal values and choose another personal value that serves you and everyone else when it is time. You’ll know the difference as you explore more about what it means to be a human being today.


Three Degrees of Beliefs

Three Degrees of Beliefs SPEED ManifestingWhen I was 12 years old my family moved four hours’ drive East, from Detroit to Toronto, Canada. So much in my world changed and something strange had happened; I crossed an invisible line called an international border and I felt like I was on another planet. The fear, hopelessness and distrust of the 1970’s in Detroit opened up to the optimism of immigrants in a fast growing and accepting environment with the warm attitudes and friendliness of Canadians. I was only a short drive away, but the place was clean, strangers said hello to you, and that was suddenly safe and acceptable.

Eventually I learned about the Universal Laws and how life really works – and it occurred to me that the way people think comes from what they believe, but beliefs still had nothing to do with the real Laws of Life, which do not change with circumstances or attitudes.

Beliefs create all the limitations in your life.

Manifesting BeliefsOnce you have a set idea about something, possibilities for new options are restricted or cut off. Conscious awareness of your beliefs can allow you to sift through them and open up to new frontiers in life.

Where do we form beliefs? The source comes from three influences or degrees:

1st Degree: Experience.

We make conclusions about life from repeated painful or fulfilling experiences; right or wrong, we begin to see life through a filter of these decisions and they gain power and momentum. “I always…” “I never…” become truth, for us.

2nd Degree: Experience of others.

Our parents, teachers, friends and mentors influence us by their harsh or gentle guidance, by witnessing their repetitive behaviours and mistakes and by their stories. We hear their rules about how they think life works and we shorten our learning curve to save time and pain. But their experiences are sometimes not up to date with our world nor in sync with our values. Yet their words are often recorded in our thoughts and replay on auto pilot without us recognizing the source or checking the relevance.

3rd Degree: Dogma.

Teachings, sayings and perspectives from another time long ago can be irrelevant. Religious indoctrination, some ancient teachings handed down, old clichés, sayings that are repeated but not understood and even some laws of the land do not apply to our urgent need to do things differently, right now.

The opposite of belief is possibility.

SPEED Manifesting BeliefsWhat is possible when you consider new ideas and new beliefs? It’s time to learn a healthy disrespect for beliefs, so you can choose which are useful, and expand or release any outdated. Knowing the difference can help you to clear out the old and learn that life is a creative process and old limits do not work well for you in a world as fast moving as ours. Challenge your beliefs, and then find the ones that you want to be true, because your beliefs become your life.


Using Affirmations to Say Yes

Affirmations Are Self-directed Positive Statements

“Affirmations” are usually focused on what you don’t have, or how you are not yet behaving. With that insight, can you understand why affirmations are an uphill battle for many people who are disciplined enough to repeat them daily?

The trick to being free with affirmations and having them work for you, not confirm against you, is your perspective. Before you set an affirmation, think about what you want, and consider if you think it’s possible for you to actually receive it someday. If that’s a big yes, then go ahead and get excited about the day you experience the satisfaction of achieving whatever you are affirming.

However, if your reaction to an affirmation sounds like “that’s a lie” then you have your answer about why the affirmation is slowing you down, not speeding up your manifesting. You are not being reasonable with your mind power – your subconscious – and so it throws it out as irrelevant. Go through an exercise to see whether you can make it reasonable.

First, check if you really want it; sometimes we think we want something, but it is to please other people. Sometimes it was someone else’s dream and we thought that would make us happy. If you know you truly want it then use it in a way that allows you to have it or become it gradually. So instead of saying “I am a millionaire” you can say “I am beginning to live a millionaire lifestyle” or “I am a millionaire in thoughts and words.” Or if being a millionaire really shows up as too much of a stretch for your mind right now, try “I am manifesting more and more money into my life every day.”

This viewpoint changes your energy of intention and you begin to get excited about the outcome, not the process. You can then get busy in life and let the affirmation simmer and percolate through your sending and receiving faculties, ready and open to grab new opportunities and inspirations.

Once you begin to see changes in your circumstances in wonderful new directions, take that as a green light to ramp up your affirmations to a new level. Now you are working with a “Yes” and affirmations can free you to do what they were intended, which is to say “Yes” to a clear and focused desire leading you to your dreams…not focused on what you don’t have or how you are not yet behaving.

This way your subconscious is getting reasonable orders in the direction aligned with your dreams, step by step. Can you now accept it affirmatively? See, that is the basis of the word affirmation – affirmative.

Three Stages of Transformation

“This should be easy!” we say. “Why is this not working for me?” Change comes through three stages of transformation, and it’s useful to understand how change works and why we resist change so that you can swing with the pendulum of change until your transformation is complete. The first stage is becoming aware of a behaviour and its costs. The second stage is, with this awareness, making a new choice in any moment. The third stage is to follow through with that choice until it becomes a habit.

Do you find it hard to change yourself and your habits? There is a reason for that. We are designed to be open, curious and in awe of the world. We are conditioned, however, to become repeatable, consistent workers. Our schooling was designed in the previous Age, the Industrial Revolution. It was a time of high demand for mass manufacturing. Workers were needed who could be consistent and repeat tasks during gruelling 14 hour days. Skills as factory workers allow masses to enter a new era of working away from sustenance family farms, providing more for families. It wasn’t a perfect human rights world; far from it. But our world as we know it was built upon those foundations.

We live in a time of immense change. The emerging world is the Age of the Mind. We are now exploring what it means to be a human being and we have begun this Age through technology. We want to explore new frontiers everywhere. Our human social lag is catching up. We are ready to let go of repeating history. We are ready to accept that there’s more to life than our five senses. We are open to expanding our thinking and creating from our minds out of new possibilities, as we choose them; not just geniuses or inventors, but all of us.

So, we start on a bold new path, and things in our life begin to change; new options begin to show and we get excited. Then… the dreaded block or barriers come up. We procrastinate. We self-sabotage. We receive ridicule, discouragement and downright condemnation about our new efforts. We fall back. We make mistakes. We do the same old, same old, and we even give up the possibilities of a new life, because the effort is just too much.

If you truly wish to live in awareness and enter new frontiers of living, know that the pendulum of change swings back and forth. Learn that these three stages are normal. Although you may not have been conditioned for this Age, it will become easier over time, with your choices coming from the moment of NOW, again and again, until you and your life become a reflection of your new choices. Then the pendulum slows, settles and finally stops and you have that ease and flow again, at a new level of experience. Stay the course. It is the way back to living fully.

Manifesting Review: Have you got all the ingredients?

How to Speed Manifest

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Manifesting is simple, because it is the natural creative process playing itself out from our thoughts and beliefs. Here are the steps to get you started manifesting straight away.


  1. Figure out exactly what you want and write it down. You can write down a list of things as if you are living that moment right now. Explain how you feel as you experience having or doing these things. Are you on a holiday in Cairo, seeing the ancient pyramids? Are you on a hot air balloon ride? Who are you with? What do you see? Put it in the present tense. Make it a few moments in time that you can describe from a perspective of the one receiving the manifestation. Are you amazed, in awe or content? Are you totally blissed out or exhilarated? Write it out with the details that are loose enough to have some new, unexpected possibilities come into your life, and detailed enough that you are clear on what you want.
  2. Spend time each day imagining with emotion. Daydreaming is the new intelligence! Check out of physical reality and into your inner reality several times each day. Acknowledge ‘yes’ to your daydreams coming to you. Figure out if you are more receptive to visual daydreams, sound daydreams or physical touch daydreams, and use the one most active to your brain to make the inner reality connect to your outer reality. This one distinction on using your imagination can turn all your other confusing efforts into flowing results.
  3. Look for ways to feel gratitude. The difference here is the feeling of gentle appreciation for everything that you get. Think of each thing you experience and have now as a gift from all that have come before you. Think of all the surprises and coincidences that begin to appear in your life as a gift from above. That is closer to the Truth of all life than you may realize. When you complain or reject what comes to you, you depreciate the life flow; you shut it down, cut it off and stop your desires in general. Life begins to appear gray and lifeless, because you have depreciated it through negative feelings. Simply look for one thing to appreciate, and it begins to open your flow. Then look for another thing to appreciate, and more and more. Once you are appreciating more than you are depreciating, your flow of good things is fast and furious. Simple.
  4. Learn how your thinking mind works. Two parts thinking, one part autopilot; that’s the blueprint for human beings. Conscious thinking is what you do when you are learning and experiencing something new. Once it is learned it gets filed away and delegated to your subconscious thinking (your autopilot). Here’s the kicker though; your body is run by your subconscious. So if you want to get rid of procrastination, bad habits and resistance, you better learn how to communicate directly with your subconscious. It likes orders, so give it new orders. Learn what old, mistaken orders it has been operating with and command your subconscious. Finally, learn about that third thinking mind; the intelligence energy that is the One Mind. Learn to connect and surrender to the quiet voice sometimes through daily meditation (no thinking) so you can use all your wonderful mental faculties.
  5. Learn to listen to your words. Wow! What a concept, that we may create our life from our words. Why is that scary? Because when you begin to listen to yourself speak, you hear that someone else is driving the lawnmower, and you finally figure out why your garden is a mess. It takes awareness, practise and discipline to guard your mouth and replace the complaints, words of lack or self-criticism with words of intention and self-love. Do the same with others as you do with yourself. Tell yourself when you have done well! Encourage your self when it gets tough. Say “well done, you handled that well.” Say “I know you can do it. You’ll figure it out. Just take a rest and try again.” Say “I believe in you!” What a radical idea!
  6. Take 3 different types of actions, but do something now! Spiritual principles require actions in the physical world to receive. As a matter of fact, actions are about either asking or receiving, and asking is not complete without allowing receiving by actions. Use 3 types of actions to honour your part in the fullness of manifesting: Orderly Actions, Assumptive Actions and Intuitive Actions. Orderly actions are logical. You write something in your diary or on a list to do and you carry them out. It makes sense to do this to get what you want. Want more clients – call 10 people and ask them if you can help them with your services. Assumptive Actions get you in a state of mind that you are busy preparing for getting what you want. Want a new car – do you have a parking space for it or do you need to get busy clearing out the garage of clutter. By the way, creating a vacuum is a powerful way of activating flow – more on that in the next step. Intuitive Actions come from that inner voice. Sometimes you are in the shower and you have a compelling idea. Listen to it and get busy with it. It may not be the exact idea that creates for you, but it will surely lead you to something that is part of the receiving puzzle.
  7. Learn about the Flow of Life and the Circulation principle. Old “Success” principles taught us about taking actions and getting what we want. But Life exists in flow. Flow is an energy behind your asking and then receiving. It is a polarity that you set into motion through all these steps. You must start circulation by creating space where there was none before. In a practical sense, just getting rid of clutter can begin the circulation. So can letting go of inside blocks and resentment, old emotional attachments, hurts and regrets. Let go and make room for the new, both inside and out. Then position yourself in the world so you are standing in the real flow of receiving, not paddling upstream collecting stuff, trying to get your share. You are here to give…and to allow others to give to you, both or nothing. It works together if you want to live in the flow. Break from the old ‘how do I get’ philosophy and you will open up the channel of flow from so many people wishing to give their talents and gifts in the world. The currency of flow looks like money in our commercial world. That is the facade. The real ‘currency’ is people and the movement of possibilities and intentions, all connecting with each other and fed with the source energy of all Life – expansion.


Lori Mitchell Step 1 – Know What You Want


  • Remember that manifestation includes actions but this will get you started if you can do these steps first. The actions of writing down your desires, imagining them daily and feeling grateful will get things moving for you. When you are ready to master fast manifesting and find you get stopped by your beliefs, that’s the time to move into learning SPEED Manifesting™ with Lori.


  • Your BELIEFS will slow you down or stop you from receiving unless you continually clean them out and keep new possibilities available. Stay open but use your reason. Give your old self new orders, and new thoughts will produce new results.

Sources and Citations

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Speed Manifest. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

4 Beliefs I Challenged in 2010

This year has been a long year for me, and now that we are at the end I can say that my results are so personally satisfying that I find myself in a wonderful state of contentment. I understand that ever more is unfolding so that I can continue to reach, stretch and expand. But as I look back at the year I can see 4 Key Beliefs that I honestly faced and finally released, producing very fast manifestations beyond anything before.

Old Belief #1: My new 4 bedroom luxury home is not here yet! It should be here already.
I had spent the last two years visualizing the perfect home and writing it down. I had photos of my ‘dream home’ on a daily manifesting movie. I had been looking at the outcome as that particular house with detailed features. In November it came to such urgency that I had to dig deeper. By then we had outgrown our 3 bedroom standalone townhouse; my oldest son was finishing high school and my youngest was starting a new school in January. I had worked energetically on releasing many, many (many) issues brought up by my strong desire to move including my feelings of frustration, residual fears from childhood around loss of home, grief and risk. In addition I had created huge emotional challenges at our home Resort with disagreements and security issues. But I continually worked on my emotions as they came up. I saw them as the gateway blocking me from what I truly wanted. When I finally stopped trying to work on doing it my way (figuring out how to sell our home first) I got down to what I really wanted NOW, and that was simply to MOVE! I then walked around saying “we are moving, we are moving, we are moving”. I put pictures of people moving boxes on our fridge and imagined being happy with moving. Within 2 weeks I found myself amongst boxes packing up a friend’s kitchen. I realized the connection and laughed. At first I was going to say “no, it’s supposed to be me!” but then I accepted that this was a wonderful movement toward exactly what I wanted. I trimmed the strangers’ faces out of the photos and affirmed ‘yes’ to this movement. Not more than 2 weeks later my husband was talking to a friend who wanted to lease out his luxury house and it all fell together incredibly quickly after that. We effortlessly moved the week before Christmas, even getting tenants into our townhouse very quickly. We did not have to wait for the market to change or a singular perfect buyer. We now have our own pool, our own beach, a gorgeous outdoor Bali hut, 4 large bedrooms plus a study for my office. We live on “The Island” and I am feeling so grateful to the Universe for hearing all the details of my desires and answering them in so many ways. My boys are so happy here. My husband and I wake up looking at the dawn sky over the pool and lake. My old belief was transformed into “Oh, yes, of course it’s coming NOW” before it happened.

Old Belief #2: I am afraid I might become arrogant about being rich beyond my wildest dreams.
I didn’t even know I had this belief hanging around until I had a workshop participant bring it up as her fear of getting rich. Since the people around me reflect my thoughts, I did some energy work in this area and was surprised that I was afraid of my own power. Now that I have received a huge part of my luxury dream, I can say that I feel more humbled than anything. I am so content as I watch my family together exploring this new way of living. I am inviting my friends to come and play and it feels like an extension of my life; like a new exciting chapter.

Old Belief #3: It’s ok to be in debt. Lots of people use debt to get ahead.
Over this last year, this has been a significant part of my journey, because two years before, in 2008 I had challenged an old belief that “debt is bad”. I chose to get back into personal debt, even after we had become mortgage free. We bought a beautiful Toyota Prius Hybrid and it felt great. We still love this car and the freedom it gives in contributing to a new breed of auto technology. I also invested in my business and took some wonderful personal development courses, plus became a certified Success Coach by flying over to the States and being trained by a highly regarded Master Coach who was Tony Robbins’ producer for eight years. She also developed coaching programs for John Gray, Stephen Covey and Bob Proctor among others. It was well worth it to gain so much from her expertise on not only coaching, but how to market high level leadership coaching powerfully. Then, two years down the track, the interest rates in Australia began to climb. There were six (6!) consecutive interest rate hikes over 8 months, and suddenly the amount I paid for my debt became significantly more. It really caught me off guard, because it suddenly felt like a real lack of freedom. Even though the debt and interest amounts were insignificant compared to others with large mortgage debts, I had to face my feelings about debt. I then released so much energy around being in debt and being out of control of finances. It was all old stuff and I was so ready to release it. I did my worldly research on the credit system of the world as the stock market crash played out. I got the information I needed to make much more powerful decisions in my life, and finally, I made a commitment to switch to cash. What a learning, both within and without! The home had to manifest without a mortgage or any debt, and it did exactly that, perfectly!

Old Belief #4: Abundance looks like spending without thinking about it.

I was not switching to debit cards and cash because I could not get credit. Instead, I learned especially that the wealthiest people on this planet are good stewards of wealth and to them, abundance is not just throwing money around or spending without thinking; quite the opposite (thanks to Eben Pagan among others for this wonderful lesson on how to FLOW my wealth as it comes in and goes out). My Step 7 speaks of Circulation and how it works. I have always had a healthy respect for getting value for my money. Now I spend, save or share with freedom, because I am clear on my needs being met by the FLOW of cash. I do not spend until the money is manifested there. This is so important because in hindsight the Circulation principle only works powerfully when money moves in the NOW. When we spend from the Future energy we are going against Universal principles of Flow and there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS (ALWAYS) a reckoning day. I must manifest in the NOW when I have a desire. Now that I have aligned myself with this wonderful way the Universe works, I have clarity about when the time is NOW to spend, and when I need to do my internal work to increase the inflow and manifest powerfully. This way I have been graced to experience what a great co-creator I am when I am aligned. It is awesome and I invite you to consider some of these learnings.

During 2010 with each old belief that I truthfully explored, many challenging circumstances and feelings came up. What I did to release those feelings was to allow them to be there, and then used energy releasing techniques to experience them and let them go.

There are three parts to creating the life of your dreams:
1. Know the steps to Creating (SPEED Manifesting™ inclusively covers all seven steps).
2. Know what slows you.
3. Know what to do when you are slowed.

I know how to create. I have that process down pat, and SPEED Manifesting™ was developed from my success at repetitively getting consistent results. However when we have beliefs in the way, we need to go within and deal with those so that the natural Creative Process can work its magic. It really is simple and you can move step by step toward even your biggest dreams.

If anyone tries to complicate it, then they have not yet come to the Truth of How Life Works and How Human Beings are Designed. Once you learn and practice the 7 Steps of SPEED Manifesting™, work on your internal energy-thinking-feelings. This is the necessary “work”. Everything else then flows and unfolds without effort, very quickly.

2011 is already looking great!

Abundance and prosperity to you in this New Year 2011,

The Ripple Effect – author unknown

The Master was walking through the fields one day when a young man, a troubled look upon his face, approached him.
“On such a beautiful day, it must be difficult to stay so serious,” the Master said.
“Is it? I hadn’t noticed,” the young man said, turning to look around and notice his surroundings. His eyes scanned the landscape, but nothing seemed to register; his mind elsewhere. Watching intently, the Master continued to walk.
“Join me if you like.”
The Master walked to the edge of a still pond, framed by sycamore trees, their leaves golden orange and about to fall.
“Please sit down,” the Master invited, patting the ground next to him. Looking carefully before sitting, the young man brushed the ground to clear a space for himself.
“Now, find a small stone, please,” the Master instructed.
” A stone. Please find a small stone and throw it in the pond.” Searching around him, the young man grabbed a pebble and threw it as far as he could.
“Tell me what you see,” the Master instructed.
Straining his eyes to not miss a single detail, the man looked at the water’s surface.
“I see ripples.”
“Where did the ripples come from?”
“From the pebble I threw in the pond, Master.”
“Please reach your hand into the water and stop the ripples,” the Master asked. Not understanding, the young man stuck his hand in the water as a ripple neared, only to cause more ripples. The young man was now completely baffled. Where was this going? Had he made a mistake in seeking out the Master? After all he was not a student, perhaps he could not be helped? Puzzled, the young man waited.
“Were you able to stop the ripples with your hands?” the Master asked.
“No, of course not.”
“Could you have stopped the ripples, then?”
“No, Master. I told you I only caused more ripples.”
“What if you had stopped the pebble from entering the water to begin with?” The Master smiled such a beautiful smile; the young man could not be upset.
“Next time you are unhappy with your life, catch the stone before it hits the water. Do not spend time trying to undo what you have done. Rather, change what you are going to do before you do it.” The Master looked kindly upon the young man.
“But Master, how will I know what I am going to do before I do it?”
“Take the responsibility for living your own life. If you’re working with a doctor to treat an illness, then ask the doctor to help you understand what caused the illness. Do not just treat the ripples. Keep asking questions.” The young man stopped, his mind reeling.
“But I came to you to ask you for answers. Are you saying that I know the answers?”
“You may not know the answers right now, but if you ask the right questions, then you shall discover the answers.”
“But what are the right questions, Master?”
“There are no wrong questions, only unasked ones. We must ask, for without asking, we cannot receive answers. But it is your responsibility to ask. No one else can do that for you.”

Fear or Love?

Is it true that we swing wildly back and forth between two polar opposites when we are about to grow in that area? I hope so. I thought I was living in bliss and love, and released from fear. Yet it kept showing up as anger at times. These are my affirmations around fear and love:

When I lived in FEAR, I had a poverty mentality, never sure that the money would come
When I lived in FEAR, I trusted no one but myself and was afraid of other’s intentions
When I lived in FEAR, I competed with everyone to get the best place
When I lived in FEAR, I was not sure of the outcome being the right one
When I lived in FEAR, I lived in reaction
When I lived in FEAR, my opinions were me, and they needed defending
When I lived in FEAR, I wanted everyone’s approval, attention and acknowledgement
When I lived in FEAR, I wanted to control everyone, and everything around me
When I lived in FEAR, I had to make the RIGHT decision, so I hesitated
When I lived in FEAR, I did not trust my inner voice
When I lived in FEAR, I wasn’t sure that it would all turn out alright
When I lived in FEAR, I thought there was something wrong with me that needed fixing

And now that I live in LOVE, I accept the help being given to me everywhere
Now that I live in LOVE, I understand that I am not alone
Now that I live in LOVE, I know that I cannot get it wrong
Now that I live in LOVE, I see the lesson in everything
Now that I live in LOVE, I know that every step I take is the right step
Now that I live in LOVE, I accept my opinions as my ego and I can let them go and just be a listening
Now that I live in LOVE, I see, feel and know that God in spirit is within me
Now that I live in LOVE, all good things come to me

The Illusion of Linear Time Slows our Manifesting ~ SPEED Manifesting This Week

Today’s Radio Show:
The Illusion of Linear Time Slows our Manifesting ~ SPEED Manifesting This Week.
Lori Mitchell gets you through this riveting audio today showing illustrations and explanations for proof that Linear Time is a man-made concept. Why that is useful to creating quickly is the important part.

First, Deal with Blocks and Barriers ~ SPEED Manifesting This Week

First, Deal with Blocks and Barriers ~ SPEED Manifesting This Week.

Feeling Judgemental and Out of Alignment With Others?

ABRAHAM gives wisdom on what to do when you feel out of alignment with others.

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“Destiny is what God

“Destiny is what God gives us when we stop trying to do it all ourselves.” ~Lori Mitchell

Receiving means sayi

Receiving means saying “yes” to what u asked 4. If it showed up in your life u asked for it.Give thanks for it then ask again for something else if u choose.

“Some people change

“Some people change their ways when they see the light, others when they feel the heat.” Caroline Schoeder

Laugh, Move, Rest, P

Laugh, Move, Rest, Play. These are all ways to move out of being ‘stuck’.

What would your Idea

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“It’s the answer tha

“It’s the answer that led those who have been told for so long by so many to be cynical, and fearful, and doubtful of what we can achieve to put their hands on the arc of history and bend it once more toward the hope of a better day…Yes we can” Barack Obama

Had another amazing

Had another amazing day in Coaching Certification. Doing 2 LIVE Coaching calls to Australia at midnight and 4am local time. My body doesn’t know what time it is anyway. *zzzzzzzzzzzz

What is happiness? L

What is happiness? Listen to SPEED Manifesting This Week replay on BlogTalk Radio:

Going to L.A. to mee

Going to L.A. to meet my business coach/mentor mid June and doing a quick trip up to Detroit/Toronto to visit my mom, sister and family!

Getting breakthroughs on 40days program

Getting breakthroughs on 40days program from Everything is Energy. Awesome, thanks Kristen & David Morelli #40dn Less than 10 days to go!

Just listed on Amazo

Just listed on Amazon: SPEED Manifesting, 7 Steps to Abundance NOW. Learn the SPEED Manifesting Method™

Just getting another

Just getting another 28 Day Challenge started. This week is getting everyone clear on their Intention. “Know What You Want” is Step 1 of SPEED Manifesting!

Buddhas&ancient heal

Buddhas&ancient healing stones: Last blog & photos on Thailand:

What is your Purpose

What is your Purpose in Life? Listen to replay of SPEED Manifesting This Week show on BlogTalkRadio –

After full day of tr

After full day of travel yesterday, Bangkok-> Kuala Lumpur-> Gold Coast, arrived home. Now to catch up on some sleep!

Hi, just arrived bac

Hi, just arrived back in Bangkok. Settled into old Bangkok near palaces, temples and big Buddhas. Awesome!

After 15 hours trave

After 15 hours travel arrived in Hua Hin. Taxis, buses and trucks with too much luggage to carry!

More SPEED Manifesti

More SPEED Manifesting in Bang Bao, Thailand. What a find! this is a lovely little village.